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While the other end is the so-called silent black pig, followed by its owner look like, if it is because it is a pig, Xu basil really think they are twins it. like our mountain Wowo everywhere by trees and shrubs, are also less medicine it?" Xu basil continue seeing tentative asked." The old man spit out a number, but we are not surprised. "You say this house a home milk thief, it looked less food, income before dinner gave everything into her house, and later to cook rice this amount had to be her, and it should be through her hands salt oil . cheap nfl jerseys china So far, in her memory it has been six years her daughter has not been replaced four new clothes, new shoes, do not wear them all the sister, but the sister have to buy a new one year each season fabrics, pull clothes , to dress neat, and all sixteen, fingers do not stick spring water, even the bowl will not wash. wholesale nfl jerseys china

" Xu basil scared out of his chin fast, her chest now even though Wang Zi bread can not be considered, but this man has changed too, state it, it will be the first time to see her to her clothes torn, and also take pocket bread insult her aunt really can endure, t can not tolerate, waving his fist toward the man is immediately hit to his face, shouted and cursed: "Your grandmother, even Wang Zi small steamed bread also fail to get you to evaluate, light long a husk, Pa layer of skin you even this girl a finger can not match. " Xu basil but full justification retorted, after all, the family could live ten years, Liu is unclear what kind of person, and her words a, Xu Qiang nature is no longer blamed." Finally, forbearance and tolerance temper, and finally toward the side of Ziying began. "Mother, basil shed so much blood, would you please come bandage doctor, some medicine on it?" Yu quivering voice suddenly as a ghost is so incoming Liu's ears, I saw her feet meal, turned around, looked at his face in his arms Yu blood is basil, Mouguang a brutal, hard voice shouted: "Please, please what, I thought it was big money to flush it, Gan Minger let Hadron find the mat to roll, threw the mountain directly, save it to the coffin of the cross beam repair liters of children.

" "Shan, I'm fine - I have starved to death," Shan said, and I spoiled like ~. More convinced that wrong, to eat bread, that is hurried off to go home, but she did not hurry to go home, but in the mountains to Wowo wandering up and the first idea is to find some drama toxic herbs preemptive point poison out, or, did she meet someday God blind groping how to do that? What is good to get some drugs, Nux vomica, aconite? No, this thing as long as it will be dead. This is the first time such a basil Xu carefully looked at his younger brother, tall, thin, dark, cold days of big, bare feet, legs rolled up, on that patched pants still stained not small semi-dry mud. nfl jerseys china "You Sha Qiandao, do not know what the food was served later point?" However, Liu Xu basil thought it would anger and two grandchildren, I did not realize she was standing behind a backhand gave her a slap some confusion Yu, Yu was beaten in the face to one side, his head down, shoulders shaking, but that are afraid to put a fart.

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