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Passenger Information

Fairbanks Check-In Time: To assure on-time service, it is requested that all passengers check in 1 hour prior to flight time; 35 minutes prior to departure is required.

Village Check-In Time: Call Wright Air Service (800)479-0502x4 the day of travel for current departure times from your location or contact our agent in the village for times. Be at the field 20 minutes prior to that day's departure time.

Baggage: Each passenger allowed 40 lbs. (See excess baggage charges).

Hazmat: All hazardous materials must be declared; we can help you to complete a shipping declaration. Fees may apply. Download Shipping Declaration

Weapons: All weapons must be checked as baggage.

Smoking: Not allowed, as required by FAA regulations.

Schedule Liability: Not responsible for delays in flights due to weather. Schedule subject to changes without notice.

Thank you for flying with Wright Air!

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Wright Air Service History

Continuing a tradition of flight excellence...

Al Wright began flying in the 1940��?��?a?. He was involved with various aviation endeavors including: Nenana Air Service, Fort Yukon Air, and Wien Airlines. Al was also a registered Big Game Guide. He began Wright Air Service in Fairbanks in 1966, servicing Interior Alaska with a Cessna 180 and a Piper PA-14. The majority of the flights were made on floats in the summer and on skis in the winter. The tradition of Al Wright��?��?a? excellent flight history has earned him the dedication of Minto Airport.

Wright Air History
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