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HEALTHY WEBER: The dislocated right kneecap that nhl jerseys wholesale knocked Weber out in the second game of that series with Chicago is no longer an issue. Weber had surgery in late April and recovered quickly enough to allow nhl jerseys for kids him plenty of time to train this summer.

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NEW FACES: The Predators didn't change much on this roster, but they did sign veteran defenseman Barrett Jackman from St. Louis and forward Cody Hodgson of Buffalo. Goalie Pekka Rinne smiled when asked about having Jackman playing in front of him this season, and Weber said they're excited to have a physical player who blocks a lot of shots.

YOUNG PREDATORS: Nashville has a handful of young forwards trying to push their way nhl jerseys china onto the NHL roster led by 19-year-old Kevin Fiala, Viktor Arvidsson and Austin Watson. Fiala was Nashville's first draft pick in 2014, and the Predators called him up late last season. Fiala played in one regular season game and in one playoff game.

OLD ROOKIE: Steve Moses may be the most intriguing player in camp for Nashville. He's a 26-year-old rookie from Leominster, Massachusetts, who has been playing in the KHL. Poile said nhl jerseys from china the Predators need to see where the 5-foot-9 Moses fits in after scouting him. Coaches have seen Moses skate a bit recently, and nhl jerseys for sale Poile said Moses caught their eye with his speed. ''They haven't seen him integrate with our team,'' Poile said. ''This is where first impressions are going to be really important and how he gets used in preseason games and how successful he's going to be. He's got to get off to a quick start.''

NEW LIGHTING: The Predators are the NHL's latest team to switch to LED lighting, helping eliminate shadows both nhl jerseys Cheap for players and fans. The move also will be a big money-saver on the electric bill but also help the team keep the ice a bit cooler in Nashville.

MOVES: Nashville announced defenseman Trevor Murphy has signed a three-year entry-level contract. Murphy took part in the team's development camp in July and their rookie camp last week, and he's currently at training camp.

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